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Rheumatoid Arthritis

When I first went to Tanya I often used a walker and always used a cane. Pain was my constant companion. Traditional medicine only offered drugs in massive doses to keep the pain and inflammation under control. The side effects were often worse than the arthritis. Under Tanya’s homeopathic treatment I have ditched the walker and cane – pain is now manageable. I have a sense of well being, a purpose in life, sleep well each night eager for the new day. My gratitude is unbounded.



My daughter’s breathing last night was MUCH much better. I barely heard her cough. When I heard her breathing get a bit loud in the night, I gave her the remedy and it calmed down within minutes! She is definitely improving a lot! Praise God for homeopathy and for good homeopaths like you!



Since consulting Tanya many of my issues are gone; others are radically reduced. In time I am confident that all issues will be resolved. Tanya is readily available and responsive to my concerns. Homeopathy has done wonders for my health.


Constipation (Toddler)

I sought Tanya’s help for my toddler’s ongoing constipation after having limited success with dietary changes and supplements. After just two doses of the right remedy, the constipation disappeared completely! What an amazing gift to be able to heal without harmful side effects.


Health for the Whole Family

Tanya has done so much for our family, so much. I will never be able to repay her kindness and generosity. She has changed our family’s health future.


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